Protecting the environment is vital to preserve and improve the quality of life not only for this generation but also for future generations. McNamara Construction is committed to conduct all its business both on site and in its offices with a responsible consideration for the impact it will have on the environment.

We believe that making a positive contribution to society by protecting the environment will give us a strong foundation as a company. McNamara Construction doesn’t just abide by laws and regulations as set out by the EU but makes considerable efforts to manage all aspects of environmental policy as a fundamental part of all company business and planning.  We actively encourage a strong sense of awareness and responsibility towards the environment among employees and we expect our sub-contractors to comply fully with all Environmental guidelines.We fully assess the impact our projects will have on the surrounding areas and by creating good conditions for communication on site and in the office we take all precautions to prevent environmental accidents. McNamara Construction will continue to conduct its business in a way that will allow it to find a balance between it’s social, environmental and economic responsibilities.